Another Day, Another Blog

These past few weeks have been focused on making a timeline as a visual representation of our progress in our project work. This is done using a Gantt chart. What is a Gantt chart you ask? Do not fret, I will provide you with a very lousy explanation. As someone with very mild Gantt chart knowledge, I can tell you that a Gantt chart consists of lines/boxes that represent the work that has been done or that needs to be done within certain periods of time. In case you couldn’t understand my description, which is highly plausible, I have provided a screenshot of my timeline below.timeline

My timeline contains all of the major steps required to complete my project, website creation, receiving clothing donations, creating pieces one through five, advertisement, photographing pieces and finally publishing the before & after photos to the portfolio. Each of these steps involve a process of tasks to be done, in order to complete said section. Each purple block in my timeline is one of the aforementioned steps, the yellow line piercing through them is the current Propel day, it shows me where I should be in my project work.

As you can see I’m currently a step or two behind in the creation of my pieces, fortunately I find that the timeline has really helped to push me to get those steps done due to the fact that I can physically see where I am in my project. The reason for these set backs is supplies, the current piece I’m upcycling requires zippers and elastics. I was able to get elastic from the textiles teacher here at Nelson Mac, as for the zippers, there have been some set backs with style and quantity as well just general disruptions one may come across through the week. Luckily this week has been very uneventful, providing me with plenty of time to get back on track with the creation of my pieces.

In the weeks to come, my project work will look quite similar to the work done in the previous weeks. I will continue to work on the production of each piece. My project has changed quite a bit, so that process doesn’t necessarily look the same. I am now creating a portfolio of before & after pictures of each piece I upcycle to show my progress throughout the semester. I found that with the intention of selling, I became too caught up in achieving perfection with each piece, which isn’t what I want my project to demonstrate.

The goal of my project is to educate people of the effects that fast fashion and clothing production have on the planet, and to show people that something can be done about it. I found that the portfolio would work better in doing so.

Now that I’ve updated you on the changes my project has come to know, I can tell you what the production of each piece looks like. The vision board is always the first step. I take which ever article I will be transforming and I decide what I’d like to do with it, I then create a vision board to represent my idea visually. Once this is complete, I begin working on the physical piece. Before I can upcycle a piece, I have to take the “before” photos with the help of one of Propel’s photographers. The actual creation of a piece isn’t quite as interesting, I simply sketch out my plan, cut and pin my fabric, and finally, sew everything together, along with other steps depending on the piece. Look at that, four blog posts in and I’ve finally told you what my production process actually looks like, its been a long time coming.

We’ve been told that it’s normal to start feeling the pressure at this point in the semester, and I think we all definitely are. According to NASA, sea levels are rising due to climate change, and at this point, so is my anxiety.



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