To Be Determined

It’s been a busy few weeks since I last blogged. We are now in week 7, post-POC. My POC didn’t go exactly as planned, but it has managed to teach me more about my project. I’ve learned that my project isn’t as simple as I originally thought it to be. My plan was to collect clothing from thrift stores and upcycle them, I quickly discovered that this would be nowhere near practical. Now, I must rely on obtaining pieces through donations from people I know. It will be difficult but also rewarding seeing as I won’t have to spend so much on clothing pieces that I may not even sell. Overall, upcycling clothing is what reigns supreme in my project. As much as I’d like to sell the pieces, creating them is what’s most important to me. It is also important that my website and logo represent what I’m doing. I’ve come to realize that my Square One logo doesn’t achieve that. “Square One” with a little pink box beside it doesn’t indicate anything about recycling and reusing clothing pieces. Thus inspiring “The Blue Box”. As sad as I am to let Square One go, I’m excited to embark on the future of The Blue Box.

My central idea is to spread awareness about fast-fashion and how harmful clothing creation can be towards the environment. This is what inspired my project idea in the first place. Why promote the production of harmful new materials when I can simply recycle old materials instead? By the end of the semester I’d like to have a website that reflects my central idea. I’m aiming towards uploading several different upcycled clothing collections and themes, with a look book for each one. There will be a page on my website dedicated to informing others about the effects clothing production has on the environment and resources they can use to go more into depth on the subject. Assuming my pieces do end up selling, all proceeds will go to the non-profit organization: UNICEF (The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). Therefore, giving people the chance to buy clothing and donate money to children in need all at the same time. My hope is that The Blue box makes a difference, no matter how small or insignificant.


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