Square One

New beginnings are always intimidating. For me, it was leaving everything I had come to know and joining a program where I wouldn’t know what I would be doing or who I would be doing it with for the next half year of my life. I’ve always been a planner, thus the thought of not knowing what the next five months of my life would look like was terrifying to me.

My summer consisted of attempting to convince my mother why I shouldn’t go to Propel. “What if I’m the first person in Propel history who doesn’t find a project idea?”. My mother, being much more rational than myself, assured me that this would not be the case and that this was an opportunity that she would not let me pass up. Therefore my efforts had failed and I would be forced to partake in the program come September.

The first two weeks were quite daunting. I feared that I wouldn’t find my place here and I was scared that I would fail. Now that I’ve reached the third week of this program, I can officially say that I was wrong. Not only that, but I can officially say that I am not the first person in Propel history without a project idea, I’ve managed to come up with three. Propel has introduced me to a more engaging way of learning and to an environment where I feel supported and encouraged to reach my personal goals. Unlike school it doesn’t feel like a requirement; it’s something I look forward to everyday and I’m certain it will only go up from here.

This weeks theme was Purposeful Play. We brainstormed a minimum of three potential project ideas and had to discuss them in a conference with Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician. During the days leading up to my conference I was very anxious about what was to come and I was doubting the possibility of my project ideas. After having my conference with Mr. Hansen I feel extremely relieved and reassured, the construction of my Proof of Concept helped to motivate me and start my work.

My project idea is to create a line of upcycled clothing and sell it at a maximum price of $25. My goal is to sell the clothing via my own online store and I plan to donate the majority of the profits to a charity of my choice. The theme of the next two weeks will be POC: Proof of Concept. These two weeks are dedicated to completing a task list that will prove to Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician that your project is possible. For my POC I have to make a website to sell the clothing off of, create four upcycled pieces and upload them to my website priced and photographed.

So far website creation has proven to be quite the challenging and frustrating task. I’ve managed to create an online store that will hopefully work, fingers crossed. Nonetheless, I have decided on my store’s name: Square One [hence the blog title ;)]. You’re probably wondering “why Square One?” Square One is referred to as the starting point, which is exactly where I happen to be. It’s a reminder that however successful I become, I once had to start at square one and that not everything can be done over night.

In the months to come I hope to find a model to photograph the clothing in and hopefully create a logo for my online store. My goal is to create a clothing brand that reflects myself and who I am.

I’m excited to embark on this new experience and to learn more about myself through the challenges I will be forced to face in my project.



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